Visit to Valley

May Bank Holiday was advertised to be the final working weekend for Didcot's King.  Due to personal circumstances my planned visit was scheduled for the Sunday.

Having checked into Social Media before departing on a few hours drive ahead of me in the morning, everything appeared fine.  Indications were that KE11 had been turned to face south, presenting different photographic opportunities from two weeks previously. Weather forecast looked promising for a BH weekend.  Upon arrival at Bewdley I joined my father to sit down in the MK1 coach for breakfast.  Table service and a fabulous full English, was a good start to the day.  

With 10:30am looming an expected tender first king was due.  To my horror, this had morphed into Taw Valley and my heart sank.....!!!  Trying to check social media and other web based outlets proved frustrating - a complete media black out was in full effect it would appear for a few days.  I have to say this was a disappointing let down by SVR, given that the loco failed sometime on the Saturday.  Plenty of time to let customers know and get the word out.  While I fully appreciate failures do occur, the cynic in me thinks that the news was kept back from a revenue point of view.