Current plans in the diary.


Klondike Club

Traction Engine club open weekend in Staffordshire.


Class 37's on Tour

Plans to capture a railtour in Norfolk hauled by a couple of these iconic Type 3 locomotives.  In addition to the TOC operated services from Norwich.


Tornado on the Mainline

In it's tenth operating year, Tornado will be hauling various railtours throughout the UK, which Stuart aims to photograph during the summer months, along with the engines heritage railway commitments.


Cromwell Farewell

70013 Oliver Cromwell, the last British pacific steam loco to operate a scheduled service in August 1968, bows out of service at the end of 2018, following a nine month extension to the boiler certificate.

Stuart plans to capture more iconic images of this fantastic engine as we mark 50 years since that last working in August 1968. With additional plans in the pipeline towards the end of the year....